ASEAN Community

Well, the next issue is very close at hand. It is the 10 nations joint issue! This is the second time that ASEAN had a joint issue. The first time, I could only get all the full sheet stamps and my FDC collection is still not complete. It is quite a nightmare to collect all countries.

Anyway, I have received this image from so many sources that I am not sure whom to attribute the copyright to. If you know the copyright owner of the picture, just send me a message to give the acknowledgement. We need to respect other’s copyright. If you noticed, many of my photos have been taken off this site and used on eBay and FB as their own to sell their items. 🙂

So here are the 10 nation’s stamp design.

ASEAN Community Joint Issue

As I cannot guarantee all the 10 nations’ FDCs, I will not be taking any combined orders. I will be selling spares on eBay though, so keep a look out.