Read a Good Book Recently? Operation High Castle

29 April 2016

07:15 am Operation High Castle begins – rendezvous at GPO KL

Line was short and crowd was thin. Good start to the operation. Tearing and sticking was a pain.

10:15 am Dato’ Azman Yusof is at the bureau


Limit of 5 covers per person. A few rounds and mission complete.

Found a new agent to locate the next assignment Castle 1: MAEPS

12:20 pm MAEPS sighted

Target is Hall 2A. No one knows Pos Malaysia counter. However DBP corner is spacious and our friend is left alone to fend off the 2 of us.


Apparently a forward team has arrived earlier and held down the position. Now is our turn. This is what was available. The counter is only open for ONE DAY and will close once the items are sold out.


Mission cleared by 01:00 pm. Next mission Castle 2: Kapong

03:05 pm Kapong in sight – looking for Zero Point

The traffic was heavy, no matter which road is chosen. On reaching Kapong, the traffic was milder. Surprising for a Friday afternoon. Soon I located point “0” – where everything starts from…….right in front of the post office.


04:00 pm to Castle 3: High Castle over to Agent Gold.

Rain….and heavy traffic. Will the mission succeed?

To be continued…..



Your assignment:

  1. Where is Kapong?
  2. When did Kapong change name?
  3. Is Zero Point always at the city Post Office?
  4. Where is High Castle?





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