Post Box shaped Postcards

Recently Pos Malaysia released a set of 2 postcards in the shape of post boxes.  The postcards were intended for the promotion of philately in schools.

The postcards, a little smaller than palm size, is loosely based on the Stamp Week 2011 Post Box issue. Very clearly seen is the same postbox in design 1 (left of the photo) except with an updated logo. It is a very well designed set based on the sharp image, palm size, card quality and shape!

Here is the picture of the front and back.

Post Box Shaped postcards

I hope to see more designs come out in the future.





4 thoughts on “Post Box shaped Postcards

    • Where are you based? If you are out of the Klang Valley, it might be more difficult to get the postcards. The postcards were originally released for the school promotions under the OMG campaign.


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