Towards 260,000 views

Time flies when you are chasing one stamp issue after another in between a full time job. I am not a trader nor do I have a shop. So I am not be able to provide large supplies or to be able to answer your questions with the speed of light. All items are my spares or stuff I accumulated here and there.

myfdc strives to provide the information that you want, hopefully as early as possible. This site is independent. The information provided is “as is” so that you can make your own judgement. is funded personally with inputs from kind collectors, friends and strangers who are willing to share useful information. I think as a collector you will understand that many times, we need sufficient information in a timely manner to plan for an upcoming issue. I know your frustration when you get the information late or at the last minute. It felt like someone telling me about a great sale after the sale is over. Keep the information flowing and timely. By information, it does not just mean the photo but also a bit about the design and right now…the designer. I welcome anyone to connect via this website.

The cost of running a full fledged site is not cheap; neither does the webhost share any advertising revenue from the pop-ups that appear. Thus funding comes from my extra covers and if you are interested: in sponsoring posts / event coverage.

I missed the 250,000th view milestone which I have been looking forward. It has been almost 4 years now. So in return, let’s have some fun for the 260,000th view. There is a change in format. Rather than trying to hit the 259999th, 260000th or 260001th view, all you have to do now is answer 26 questions.

  1. Any reader may join from anywhere in the world.
  2. Shipping cost of prizes will be born by me via normal mail.
  3. Send your answers from now until midnight Monday 20 June 2016 (that is when I expect to hit 255,000).
  4. Questions 1 to 23 carries 1 mark.
  5. Question 24 and 25 carry 2 marks.
  6. Question 26 carries 3 marks.
  7. Winners will be ranked by the marks scored.
  8. For any ties, the first person with the score will be selected.
  9. Send your answers via email to the official myfdc email. That (the email address) you need to find out. That is the tie breaker!
  10. Answers on the “Comment” box will not be accepted.
  11. Leave your name and address in the email to send you the prize.
  12. Your shortened name will be published with the score after I finish tabulating the winners list.
  13. Anything not sure, simple, I will decide.


  1. First: A copy of SM Stamps Catalogue of Malaysia from SM Stamps
  2. Second: A National Laureate 2016 FDC autographed by the designer and cancelled in MAEPS from Sukastamp
  3. Third: World Post Day MCMC Postcard / Maxicard cancelled in Shah Alam – scarce
  4. Consolation 4th and 5th: A pair of Postbox 2016 postcards (one pair per winner)

If you do not know what is the prize, you must be new or has been out of touch. So no photos; go do some reading.

Here are the questions:

  1. Which is the first blog post to break the 1000 views in a day?
  2. What is a concordant First Day Cover?
  3. What is the first issue with an error for Malaysia?
  4. What was the error in question 4?
  5. What is the first overprint stamp issue in Malaysia?
  6. What is the last day that the Malaysia stamps and Singapore stamps can be cross used?
  7. What is the first Conference cancellation in Malaysia??
  8. What is the last known Conference cancellation in Malaysia?
  9. Which town is “Y” connected by Wearnes Air Service when the service began on 28 June 1937: Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – “Y” – Penang?
  10. What is the first OFFICIAL Flight Cover issued in Malaysia?
  11. When was the first Lunar New Year stamps issued in Malaysia?
  12. Which year did the first Lunar New Year Setemku came out?
  13. How many PSEs were issued for the Proclamation of Kota Kinabalu as a City?
  14. Where was the first special postbox with special cachet location?
  15. Which year did the Battle of Penang happen in World War 1?
  16. What is the title of the last commemorative stamp issue in North Borneo?
  17. When was the QE 2 Coronation stamps issued in Sarawak?
  18. How many types of stamps did Vietnam post issued for the ASEAN Community Joint Issue 2015?
  19. Fake FDCs of the early 2000 are usually detected based on the <type> cancellation.
  20. The famous spelling error on a private cover misspelt Merdeka as <misspelt name>.
  21. The first non-independence (Merdeka) stamp to be issued on independence day is <issue name>.
  22. Where is the first underwater postbox by Pos Malaysia located? Trick question.
  23. Which month and year did myfdc started? 2 marks
  24. The 6th Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition organised by the Sarawak Philatelic and Numismatic Society was held in <location> and <location>. 2 marks
  25. The Tri-Nation Exhibition is now known as <exhibition name> when <country name> joined the exhibition. 2 marks
  26. Name 2 locations (there are actually 3 locations) where rafting competitions are held in Sarawak. 2 marks

Total 30 marks

Good luck and happy reading!

Catch you again in 300,000th view!


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