Next Issue: 08 August 2017 50th Anniversary of ASEAN (National Flowers – ASEAN Post)

The next issue is planned to be released on 08 August 2017. The issue will be on National Flowers and part of the celebration for the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN. Originally the title was ASEAN Post – a concept deliberated back in 2015. The theme was subsequently firmed up as National Flowers. Malaysia’s choice was clear – our national flower: Bunga Raya.

Here is the banner released by Pos Malaysia.

The issue will comprise of the following:

  1. 60 sen single stamp
  2. RM 1.00 x 2 designs maximum cards
  3. RM 3.00 Miniature Sheet
  4. RM 6.00 empty folder

All prices are before GST.

Currently only 7 postal administrations (including Malaysia) will issue a stamp for the occasion. They are:

  1. Singapore Post with a single stamp and Collector’s Sheet
  2. Philippines – currently the information is a single stamp
  3. Indonesia – a single stamp image was released
  4. Thailand – a single stamp image was released
  5. Vietnam – no image nor information at this stage
  6. Cambodia – no image nor information at this stage

All the stamps featured the National Flower with the ASEAN Post logo.

Images are taken from the internet and various stamp news. If you are the source and is not properly acknowledged, please drop me a note and I will acknowledge you as the source. Otherwise the sources are from the various postal administrations.

For the Thailand stamp image:

Laos, Brunei and Myanmar currently does not have any stamp issue in their plan. Thus it is not truly a 10 nations joint stamp issue.


Interested in past ASEAN issues? Drop me a note at

I still have full sets of the ASEAN Community 2015 Joint Issue FDCs with many rarities.


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