Almost at 499,000 views and Some Offers

Yes….by tomorrow, myfdc should cross 499,000 views! Do not forget to join the fun by taking a screen shot if you are the 500,000 viewer!

In addition, I am increasing the chances: If you are viewer number 499,995 to 500,005 (both inclusive that gives 11 chances), I will send you a philatelic gift worth your time. Just print screen at the number of page views and email to

Meanwhile to pass the time, check out the celebration offer items of private FDCs and some oldies starting at only USD 2.50 (because I have to pay eBay and PayPal fees). These are exclusive to my long time eBay customers.

Or use keyword search “offer”. Bidding open to all.

Just a bit of fun until we reach the milestone.



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