03 November 2021: Deepavali Greeting Personalised Stamp (Setem Ku)

A nice surprise was released late afternoon on a continuation of the Setem Ku Greeting series with Deepavali stamps!

This year the price and format remained the same:

  1. Full folder set at RM 38.00 with 1 sheetlet of stamps, 1 folder (spot UV), 3 envelopes and 3 postcards (embossed and spot UV).
  2. Single sheetlet of stamps at RM 25.00.

To continue to use of local artists, this issue is designed by Mohana of Mona Kv Art.

Check out the links to Pos Malaysia’s shop for the items:

Folder set: https://www.pos.com.my/deepavali-2021-setem-ku-folder-set.html

Stamp sheetlet: https://www.pos.com.my/deepavali-2021-setem-ku-sheet.html

The items will be on sale in the state GPOs outside of Kuala Lumpur from 09 November 2021.



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