SODA Order Form for DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA Series 3 Special Sheetlet (Vertical Format)

SODA Order Form for DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA Series 3 Special Sheetlet (Vertical Format)

The DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong Series 3 special sheetlet in vertical format was initially printed for the 2017 Annual Album.

Today, Pos Malaysia is making the sheetlet available for Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) members via an Order Form. Download and print the following image and fax or email to Pos Malaysia.

The closing date is 11 March 2019 and this is sufficient time to send in the order.

The Series 3 sheetlet was originally issued in a horizontal format on 11 September 2017 at RM 37.10 with GST. It was a very hot item and the sheetlets sold in a folder with an envelope were sold out by 10:10 am. The hardest to find are the First Day Covers as not many were made due to the high cost.

Thus this time it is an affordable RM 19.00.


Original horizontal sheetlet:

11 September 2017 day of sale:

Share your thoughts with us as we await (hopefully) Series 4?




Trains and Albums and RM1 plus face value setenant

Trains and Albums and RM1 plus face value setenant

Hmmm, been waiting for the Electric Train Service for a long time?

Remember the order form in October 2018 for the ETS Overprint Setenant Strip Sheet? Apparently a lot of SODA customers were chasing and finally it was ready yesterday’s late evening.

The album looks nice and solid. The target is the vertical DYMM YDPA XV sheetlet. Included in the order is the ETS Overprint.

Look carefully at the overprint logo.

Ok, did you miss it? Here is a chance, as part of the 7th Anniversary of myfdc, here is the sheetlet at RM 1 above face value!

Do not contact me if you miss this round. You can try the other dealers.



SODA Additional Order Form for Annual Album and ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet

SODA Additional Order Form for Annual Album and ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet

Here is another service to the readers. In case you have not received the order forms, here is the order form for Standing Order Deposit Account members for the 2017 Annual Album (special price of RM 230) and the ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet (RM 10 per sheet).

The image on the back of the form.


  1. The 2017 Annual Album contains a different format for the YDPA sheetlet (vertical). 
  2. The ETS Overprint Setenant Sheet is limited to 10 sheets per customer.
  3. Order dateline is 10 October 2018.

Just print and email / fax your order. If you are deducting from your SODA, please ensure you have sufficient funds.

Updated information: 5,000 ETS Overprint sheets were printed.




A Royal Launch at the Telegraph Museum

A Royal Launch at the Telegraph Museum

Taiping has always been a serene town with elegant historical buildings dotting the town centre. The morning was no different except that Taiping will receive a Royal visit to the Telegraph Museum.

The Telegraph Museum is located next to the current Taiping Post Office. The Telegraph Museum was the location of the first one stop Post and Telegraph services (including banking). This continued until the Post and the Telegraph section (Telecoms) went their own ways in 1946.

Thus today’s event – the officiating ceremony for the Telegraph Museum was sort of a throwback to the Post and Telegraph of 1974! Both the Pos Malaysia and Telekom Malaysia logos were on the stamp issue poster and on the tabs of the stamp sheets.

Pos Malaysia set up a booth at the road leading to the Telegraph Museum. The booth was just outside the entrance and is very prominent. Sales was brisk with Telekom Malaysia snapping up most of the folders and MS.

The booth was supported by Ipoh GPO with additional stocks and additional stocks from KL HQ.

Sales were extremely brisk in the morning with the empty folders and MS sold out before even the time of arrival of the VIPs in the morning. Many staff of Telekom Malaysia and collectors came to snap up the products.

The designer, En Shahrul Izhar from World Communications Network Resources also attended the event.

His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak and consort arrived at about 10:00 am to grace the ceremony.

During the Telekom Malaysia montage, the stamp issue was introduced as part of the journey of Telekom Malaysia.

His Majesty then launched the Telegraph Museum.

The ceremony continued with His Majesty’s visit to the Telegraph Museum and concluded with lunch.

For further news of the event check out:



Collectors, mainly from Perak (in particular Ipoh) and Penang were seen throughout the day. Each with their covers and many with their private postcards. I managed to complete my FDCs with the Taiping cancellations and the Telegraph Museum special launch cancellation plus En Shahrul’s autograph.

It was then time to explore Taiping before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

myfdc wish to thank Pos Malaysia (HQ, Ipoh and Taiping), Telekom Malaysia, Yayasan Telekom Malaysia, PSM and friend who made this philatelic tour possible.

As I left Taiping, it was probably ironic I passed by the Perak Museum….. time to come back again next Monday, 23 July 2018!