Updated: 03 September 2018 National Day Celebration

Updated: 03 September 2018 National Day Celebration

The next issue will be on sale on 03 September 2018. The official date of issue is still 31 August 2018. Thus it will be 3 days late since the post offices have not been open for any stamp issues during Public Holidays unlike the practice up to the 1980s.

This issue will comprise of the following:

  1. 60 sen stamp featuring Jalur Gemilang (the national flag)
  2. 60 sen stamp featuing the Kuala Lumpur City Centre skyline, Putrajaya, the Sarawak State Legislative Building (in Kuching) and the Sabah State Administrative Centre Building (in Kota Kinabalu)
  3. RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet with the National Day Celebration logo – Sayangi Malaysiaku (Love my Malaysia) with the emblems of all the states surrounding a die-cut love shape and a varnished logo
  4. RM 6.00 empty folder

Here is a suggestion: As we near the end of the #KirimanMerdeka free postage date of 31 August 2018, any remnant envelopes can easily be used to make a matching composite FDC with the stamps and MS.

Updated 27 August 2018:

The media preview was organized on 27 August 2018 following a flag off ceremony of Pos Malaysia vehicles with Jalur Gemilang.

During the media preview, the quantities provided are:

  1. Each stamp design Р200,000 pieces
  2. Miniature Sheet – 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelopes – 30,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders – 1,800 pieces

In addition, Encik Helmi Hashim, Chief Operating Officer Pos Mel, was on hand to explain the Kiriman Merdeka. There are only 2 designs (white and yellow). At present the Free Postage will still be 31 August. Thus this is the last week to send. A total of 550,000 pieces of both designs were printed.

Happy National Day!

Updated 04 September 2018:

Yesterday saw a better than average turnout. National Day issues continue to be popular. Many took the opportunity to make composite FDCs with both the stamps and MS on a single cover. There are many who used the #KirimanMerdeka envelopes to make FDCs. Incidentally the pictorial cancellation is 31 August 2018 which is the last day of use of the #KirimanMerdeka envelopes!

Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates was on hand to patiently autograph, I believe over a thousand envelopes, folders, leaflets, posters and many other items. The envelopes were very popular as the design can be kept for future use.

Mr KY Lim is also the designer for the 2018 Malaysia Day stamp issue to be sold on 18 September 2018 and is expected to be in the Philatelic Bureau Kuala Lumpur to autograph.

The KLCC and Putrajaya post offices were also well visited by FDC collectors as both these locations match the stamp design. Some made a bee line to Medan Tuanku and Jalan TAR. Jalan TAR is actually referring to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku Abdul Rahman (similar to the Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman). Kota Kinabalu and Kuching are the other concordant (matching) location cancellations.


Released on 21 August 2017: National Day and Malaysia Day Setem Ku

Released on 21 August 2017: National Day and Malaysia Day Setem Ku

The National Day and Malaysia Day Setem Ku (personalised stamp) was finally released today. It was initially slated to be released on 15 August 201 and postponed to 18 August 2017. Finally the Setem Ku was released on 21 August 2017. This is part of the on-going Greetings Setem Ku series. The Setem Ku will retail at RM 20.00 (before GST).

The Setem Ku will be available at the Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur GPO as well as via http://www.eziemall.com from the date of sale.



24 March 2017: New Design of Setemku

24 March 2017: New Design of Setemku

A new design of Setemku (personalised stamp) was put on sale today (24 March 2017) at the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office. The design featured a frame for the image in the middle of the stamp. 4 designs are available. 3 of the designs are in portrait format and one design in landscape format.  A large image of a design can be seen on the right main entrance glass door as you enter on the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office.

Portrait (vertical) format:

Design 1: Illusion (Wavy lines design)

Design 2: Kids World (Lots of kids’ stuff design)

Design 3: Skyscraper (KL Tower and PETRONAS Twin Towers design)

Landscape (horizontal) format:

Design 4: Orchid

Each Setemku sheetlet retails for RM 25.00 (before GST).

The following is a composite image of the 4 design samples (not to scale).

I found that this is a refreshing design and look and feel more like a stamp than a tab. The actual product looks better than the photo I took. The landscape orchid design fits well with the new definitive orchids.


Happy Stamp Week 2016!

Happy Stamp Week 2016!

Today marks the launch of the International Definitive Stamp.


The launch was held in Dewan Sri Pos on Level 3 of the Pos Malaysia HQ in Dayabumi Complex.


Queue numbers were given out at about 08:30 am in the Philatelic Bureau, which is very much appreciated. It allowed those outside to be able to come in and wait comfortably inside the Philatelic Bureau. The area was already organised for the event.

The sale only commenced after 09:30 am. At about the same time the Group Chief Executive Officer launched the stamp on Level 3. Here is the media interview session. Holding the microphone is Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, Group Chief Executive Officer. On the right of the photo, in batik, is the President of the Philatelic Society of Malaysia, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Anuar Bashah.


Stamp Week 2016

Today also marks the first day of the Stamp Week 2016. It runs from 01 Р07 October 2016. The turnout was high for collectors. To top it up, there were bus loads of students. The students were spread out all over Level 2, General Post Office area, colouring!

The first dealer to arrive was T&Y. Soon, T&Y was joined by Dreaminder, Union Philatelic and the ever present Govin’s stall were bustling with customers. PSM commanded the direct view coming out from the elevator.




Back to the Philatelic Bureau….the crowd was very much larger than usual. Even the high values did not deter¬†many buyers who came from outside of Selangor. The largest crowd was at the old stamps counter. This time, there were many blasts from the past…..except that you need to pay the 6 % GST on top of the face value for these old stamps.

A special Setemku (personalized stamp) was released for this event.



For the first time, the Setemku is cheaper than the regular stamps!!! I can get the whole set of images on a nice sheetlet at RM 21.20 (with GST)!

Did you notice the gap between ST and AMP is quite big! I only realised this when I got back home.

A light hearted cartoon postcard set of 2 was also released! As there was no notice that postcards were issued. We got wind of it from the conversation amongst the crowd.


I thought that the breakaway from the traditional formal postcards was cool. I like the design though the elder collectots think it is cartoonish. I think we are trying to appeal to the younger group. This design is suitable. The pair of postcards retails at RM 2.12 (including GST).


The stamp designer, Mr KY Lim arrive around 01:45 pm to autograph the covers, posters and whatever the customers deemed fit. I got him to autograph the Setemku cover this time as he designed the images.


Some managed to get the Group CEO, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, to autograph as well.


Normal Sheets

The normal sheets of 100 were NOT sold in the Philatelic Bureau. They are sold in our regular post offices. Being the first Saturday, the post offices are closed. However there are a few full service post offices that remain open for short duration on the first Saturday. That was quite a bit of homework before the sheets of 100s were located.

This is a sample of how a sheet of 100 looks like. I have mentioned in my previous posting that there are no “year” printed on the selvedge.


The normal stamps are a bit pale compared to the philatelic sheets of 10s. The easiest to identify is the International Stamp red background. The philatelic stamp is a sharp dark red. The normal stamp is pale red. My camera is not sharp enough but this is as close a comparison that I can provide. The back is the philatelic stamp and the from is the normal stamp.


Here is a full set of normal stamps:


Wait, there is more!

Postcrossing Meetup

The 4th Malaysia Postcrossing Meetup on Level 3 inside Dewan Sri Pos. This is the first time that I attend such an event. The participants prepared very creative postcards. Some brought huge postcards to accommodate the over 46 attendees, the largest so far in Malaysia. Everyone was busy introducing themselves and swapping postcards to autograph. I learned one important thing. Do not sign too near into the address side! I also made sure my autograph is small enough so that others have more space. I conclude that it is lots of fun. There were cover collectors coming over to get the special Postcrossing cachet. The great idea of the cachet was credited to the President of PSM.

Here is the group photo which has probably gone viral amongst the Postcrossers. They are showing 4 to signify that this is the 4th meetup. No, I am taking the picture. But I did manage to sign some postcards! Drop me a note if you receive it from your friend.


What would you do if you are Pos Malaysia at the Postcrossing event?????

Why………………….open a booth and sell postcards! The 7 Wonders of Malaysia’s Flora & Fauna and today’s postcards were snapped up rather quickly.

The Stamp Week continued until 05:30 pm. I guess some need to be dragged out or else they will still be chopping away (pardon the local slang but we do what we do…chop stamps!).

Here is my autographed FDC with the now scarce Postcrossing cachet!


What’s Next?

The event still runs for the next 6 days. Here are things you should check out:

1. The old stocks book in the Philatelic Bureau – lots of gems to unearth.

2. The dealers’ treasure trove.

3. Setemku! Most affordable way to get all 8 images in one go! Limited too!

4. Postcards

5. Chopping!

6. Offers and freebies

7. Philatelic Talks

8. 50 sen inverted watermark (no I do not have it, but the watermark collectors have found it)

Or just visit old friends and meet new ones. Though the price is high, I think the turnout is high too.

The Philatelic Bureau will be open as usual from 09:30 am to 05:30 pm on 02 and 03 October 2016.

Our friends in Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor will be experiencing the same excitement x 2 on 03 October as they will get to buy both sheets of 10s and 100s at the same time unlike us who cannot buy at the same venue.

On 04 October, the rest of Malaysia’s collectors will be able to join in the fun! The Stamp Week ends on 07 October. From 04 – 07 October, the venue closes at 07:30 pm, suitable for us working folks.

Happy Stamp Week!