2012 Site in Review

Funny I should write a year end review. Probably due to wordpress’ summary to me and the fact that it is nice to look back at the first 5 months of this website. Yup, this site started on 07 August 2012. I was actually prompted by another philatelist who likes special cancellations. After much deliberation, I thought, well let’s give it a try.

6,500 hits later, I have branched out to give updates on new stamp issues. This was due to my disappointment in the scarce and often late information on stamp issues and launch informations of new stamps (remember Melaka 750?). My philosophy is still the same, i.e. to give factual information on the stamp issues and try and give a balanced account of what should be the actual case. Remember the “x” in Elizabeth story?

So here it is:

Where do my visitors come from?

Visitors came from 45 countries – some accidentally dropped by the site (with only 1 visit). Others chalk up to 300 visits by one particular person overseas!

My apologies to Spain. WordPress seems to be having trouble displaying the flag at this moment. It is usually not the case.

The top visitor is still Malaysia.

United States, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and Brunei Darussalam made up the next top 5.

Visitors Flag

Map end 2012

You will be surprised regarding the actual person who reads this site. I am honoured to have you visit.

What do they read?

The serious visitors view above 20 pages in a day and returning every other day to continue.

Here are the top 20 pages. Not surprisingly the Royal Visit pages still receive tremendous interest. Surprisingly Boboi Boy Stamps from Stamp Week 2012 continued to have a strong following!?!

Top pages

What can we look forward to?

I am looking forward to the first 10,000 hits. We just crossed 5,000 hits a few weeks back.

If I am in the city, I will continue to offer the Advance Order Service. Trust me, it is much cheaper than buying via eBay later. In fact, the Royal Visit orders were all fulfilled without any excuses and at rock bottom prices!

For my overseas friends and customers, you can continue to receive your orders in collectible shipping envelopes. Since shipping overseas needs high value stamps and the Philatelic Bureau is just around the corner, I try to match up nice sets of stamps for postage rather than the usual definitives. I also try and guide the postal staff to cancel the stamps properly. It will always be a nice surprise (if it does not get damaged during shipping!!!).  Who knows, these envelopes can be auctioned off someday at a tidy profit? As usual, drop me a note in this site or use “Ask a Question” in eBay for international orders or requests.

Here are 2 samples.

Sample shipping envelope 1:

2 full sets of Malaysian Unity Series  2 stamps.

1 full set of Royal Visit stamps (few postally used!!)

Envelope 1

Sample shipping envelope 2:

Full set of Malaysian Unity Series 2 stamps.

One full set of Melaka 750 stamps and miniature sheet (again very few postally used).

Envelope 2

Have a great year ahead and do continue to give suggestions!



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