Updated 20 June 2013: Wonders of Malaysian Forests Issue and text typo errors

The Wonders of Malaysian Forests issue is finally announced to be on sale on 13 May 2013 (Monday). There will be 3 designs of Miniature Sheets (RM 5 with 5 stamps in each MS). 3 types of envelopes will be issued. There will not be any loose stamp sheets.

The forests are:

1. Taman Negara

2. Royal Belum

3. Maliau Basin

It will be very hard to get concordant covers for this issue as the locations are remote unless Pos Malaysia makes a special set.

Wonders of Malaysian Forest

Watch out for this in World Stamp Expo 2013 in Melbourne, Australia

Incidentally this issue is released in the middle of the World Stamp Expo 2013 in Melbourne, Australia which runs from 10 – 15 May 2013. So I guess, if Pos Malaysia issues an overprint, it will be on the Lighthouse Series II Miniature Sheet since Pos Malaysia is participating: http://worldstampexpo.com.au/page.php?page=31

Any Australian collectors out there who is picking this up? I am keen to get one FDC cancelled at the exhibition site. Drop me a note if you can help me out.

Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition (new information)

The 3 Miniature Sheets is planned to be the basis for the Thailand 2013 overprints! This will be really expensive. As usual, subjected to changes! The exhibition runs from 02 – 14 August 2013: http://thailand2013.com/

20 June 2013 update: The overprint on the Forest issue might not go ahead and a new MS might be chosen. Again, up in the air and awaiting a decision.

Updated 10 May 2013:

The peel and stick MS does not peel off as a whole sheet easily. Remember Upin and Ipin peel and stick MS? Same problem. So if you are really interested to have the whole MS on cover, bring glue and stick the whole MS without peeling off the sticker stamps. You have been given the heads up.

Advance order: Drop me a note if you want a set of FDC. I will stick the MS on FDC using UHU stick. 🙂

Updated 13 May 2013:

It was mayhem today with lots of spoiled covers by the dealers and collectors alike. Luckily the Pos Malaysia staff gave the tip on Friday about using glue. I used UHU Stic which will stick just a well without the awful stain. However there was an expert Pos Malaysia staff helping to stick a few covers. She coached us but not too successful since we do not have much practice.

Surprise! There was a cut version and an uncut version!!! Apparently the original uncut version is too wide for the FDC. Pos Malaysia ordered cut versions as well.

Here is a comparison of cut and uncut of the Maliau Basin MS.

Cut and Uncut Forest

Updated 16 May 2013:

Apparently the “cut” version of the Miniature Sheet will not be sold anymore over the counter. It was only for sale on the first day in order to make FDCs. Thus the Uncut version is now sold over the counter. (Uncut version is the original version. Cut version is the shortened version.)

In an possible reversal of only providing the stamps on FDC to SODA members, the bureau is preparing the MS on FDC! Here is the original posting: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=365374823574280&set=a.365374360240993.1073741827.279581452153618&type=1&theater

I guess you and I will know when we open the SODA package. However the folder set includes the stamps on FDC.

There are supposed to be spelling errors on the MS. Anyone knows about this and can share?

Updated 11 June 2013:

I would like to thank Vera for the information on the errors on the text. Here are the errors:

1. Rafflesia “azlanii” instead of the capitalized “Azlanii”.
2. Aposthrophe in “Gould’s” Sunbird instead of “Gould” Sunbird.


If there are anymore information, drop me a note. Thanks for sharing!

If you are an overseas customer and want to buy at the local prices, just drop me a note. In the absence of eBay fees, the price is substantially lower – PayPal fees will still be added.



2 thoughts on “Updated 20 June 2013: Wonders of Malaysian Forests Issue and text typo errors

    1. Hello Arie,

      Thanks for dropping by. There is no single website that can give all the scientific names of the flora and fauna in the sheetlets. I have tried to compile from various sources online (links provided) and I hope this helps to answer your question. (For readers who’s area of interest is in flora and flora, just drop me a note if there is something missing below.)


      1. Asian Bearcat: Arctictis binturong

      2. Heteropoda davidbowie

      3. Malayan Peacock Pheasant: Polyplectron malacense

      4. Bioluminescent Mushroom: I am not able to specifically identify the mushroom in the picture but it looks like the Mycenoid lineage.


      1. Gould’s Frogmouth: Batrachostomus stellatus
      (We have an expert on birds who is an avid collector who drops by occasionally, if there is any error. Hi Vera, just drop us a note if there is something interesting to add.)

      2. Rafflesia azlanii

      3. Trevesia burckii

      4. Duliticola hoiseni

      5. Helmeted Hornbill: Rhinoplax vigil


      1. Borneo Pygmy Elephant: Elephas maximus borneensis

      2. Dead Leaf Mantis: Deroplatys desiccata

      3. Violin Beetle: There are a few species and I am not able to identify exactly which one is in the picture:

      4. Nepenthes veitchii

      For the philatelic interest, Pos Malaysia found out that the sheetlets was larger than the area to stick the sheetlet on the envelope. A limited number of “cut” sheetlets were made available in Kuala Lumpur General Post Office (locally called Dayabumi) for one day. Since then only the regular larger sheetlets are sold. Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) customers received the larger sheetlets.


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