Heading towards 30,000 hits

Let’s have another fun event.

First, let’s scroll down the page and look at the bottom right edge and then come right back up here again.

Did you see the page view counter (VISITORS >> xx,xxx hits)?

If you can find it, great!

The next step is to look for the magical 30,000 hits.

If you are the 30,000th viewer on a page, take a screen shot and email me at: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com and you will get a mystery prize absolutely free – no strings attached. If you are viewer 29,999 or 30,001, you do not qualify.

I just want to thank the readers of myfdc.wordpress.com for the ideas, comments, suggestions and corrections given since the day this site was launched.

30,000 is a nice milestone. So start watching the number at the end of the page before you click away!

Happy Reading!



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