St John’s Stamp Exhibition in conjunction with 50 Years of Malaysia

I mentioned in my updated 50 Years of Malaysia posting that a stamp exhibition is currently underway in Sekolah Kebangsaan St John 1 (that is the primary school opposite St John’s Institution). A set of 4 exhibition cancels is available on site.

The exhibition is held on a hall (you need to walk up where you see a banner). Do not expect many stalls. The items on sales mainly caters to school children.

Here is the interesting thing. The cancellation (Patriotic Postmark) is HUGE! This is probably the largest cancellaton since the formation of Malaysia! There are 4 daily cancels available on site.

The second interesting thing is that the exhibition cover (blank) is sold at RM 3.00!

The 50 Years of Malaysia is available in very limited quantities.

If you missed my original posting, here is the front cover of the launch programme leaflet:

Saint John Exhibition

As usual, I made extras for anyone interested. I made 2 types.

Type 1:

Type 2:

A similar exhibition is planned to be held with ARCH (probably in Dataran Merdeka HQ) on 01 November 2013. This has not been confirmed. Similar “Patriotic Postmarks” will be issued.



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