Check out my housekeeping clearance stuff

I recently had time to clear off my stocks and found some interesting concordant covers. Here is a short list:

1. ASEAN Stamp Exhibition 2005

2. KTM 5 cancels (Kuala Sepetang, Taiping, KL, Stesyen Keretapi)

3. Bank Negara 25th Anniversary cancelled in Alor Setar and Ipoh on one cover

4. 1961 Singapore National Day Block of 4 FDC

5. 12 states 1953 Coronation on one cover cancelled in Kuala Lumpur (this is harder to find than those cancelled in Singapore)

6. Sipadan & Ligitan cancelled in Kota Kinabalu

7. Philanippon 2011 Overprint MS cancelled at the exhibition site

8. 1962 6th Penang Philatelic Exhibition cancelled on the first day (harder to find)

9. Stamp Week 2000 – all the daily cancels!

10. 1985 Perak Coronation with English and BM postmark from Kuala Kangsar – my last piece

11. 1958 First Anniversary of Independence (Merdeka) private cover at half the last done price for this piece

12. 1958 First Anniversary of Independence registered FDC at half the last done price as well

13. PATA 1986 postally used to Kota Kinabalu – for those collecting the cancels matching the stamps

14. SMART Tunnel 2011 Maxicards – hard to find – limited release

15. 1959 State of Singapore up to medium values only

Check them out. Ending soon.

I still have odds and ends listed. One flat rate postage for FDCs, stamps and MS in a combine shipment.



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