Hot News First issue of 2014: (Year of the) Horse

I think you are eagerly waiting for the images of the Year of the Horse issue. This issue will be released on 27 January 2014.

Here they are:


Horse MS Malaysia

50 sen setenant: Polo Sport and DBKL’s Mounted Unit

80 sen setenant: PSP PDRM’s Mounted Unit and Royal Armour Corp Mounted Unit

RM 5 Miniature Sheet: Equestrian

So a nice concordant cancellation will be Taman Equine. I would like to find out if anyone knows if the Jalan Lumba Kuda Post Office in Johor is still operational?



9 thoughts on “Hot News First issue of 2014: (Year of the) Horse

      1. thank you for coming to my blog.Are you in Manchester, Michigan?You could advice me if you feel the need.kindly provide me your email address.You can see my email address on my blog.

    1. Wow! Images are always subjected to copyright in today’s world. I hope Pos Malaysia does not repeat the same mistake…

      Thanks for sharing the information!


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