Updated 29 December 2013: First Day Covers, Presentation Pack Galore 2, Folders, 80 Years Armed Forces and complete 2013 coin cards

I am clearing space for the coming year’s issues. I have some presentation packs which could not find a proper home. If you are collecting presentation packs or mint stamps (please check, one or two are CTO) or thematics, I have a quick 3 days bid for clearance. Everything starts at RM 3.50 (more or less the original price of the presentation packs as one or two older ones might have a lower original price). Definitely below catalogue value!

Just use the search term “presentation”.


I used to collect registered labels from all around. I am also clearing these. These labels start at RM 3.00 per listed lot.

Updated 29 December 2013:

I have most of the FDC that were previous listed to start at RM 3.25. This is way below catalogue. That includes an occasion set of stamps. The flat rate postage is RM 3.50 for any number of items won in the bid. If the description says “Free Postage” it is not valid. I do not have time to update all the descriptions.

Back by popular demand, 80 Years of Armed Forces coin card starting at RM 10.00 (face value) also on a quick 3 days bid: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Malaysia-Armed-Forces-80-Anniversary-Ulang-Tahun-Angkatan-Tentera-2013-Coin-Card-/360825046818?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item5402d94722

As an added bonus, if you want the complete coin cards in 2013 (50 Years Museum Negara, 50 Years Malaysia and 80 Years Armed Forces), I have one set on bid starting at face value again. Please note the different Pos Laju rate for East and West Malaysia. This lot ships out in Pos Laju only. http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/50-Years-TahunMuseum-Muzium-Hari-Malaysia-Day-80-Armed-Forces-Tentera-2013-Coin-/261363459970?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item3cda79e782



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