Updated 09 May 2014: Obama Stamps His Mark in Malaysia

Here’s the news, an “Obama Visit” Pre-Stamped Envelope (PSE) is being planned on 28 April 2014 (Monday). That is if the designs are finalised and the printers can meet the dateline. There will be no stamps. Of course there will be a special cancellation. I do not have any images.

From the look of things, if all goes well, the PSE will only be able to be released in Kuala Lumpur, General Post Office. Still things are in the air.

If you are planning to go over to Dayabumi on Monday, try and call ahead first, or you might end up being disappointed. Keep your fingers crossed.

Updated 25 April 2014:

This is what the cover is supposed to look like: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/assets/uploads/resizer/obama_posmalaysia_afp_250414_540_347_100.jpg

Photo Credit goes to The Malaysian Insider.

Here is a better news article: https://my.news.yahoo.com/photos/malaysia-slideshow/staff-pos-malaysia-post-services-company-shows-special-photo-031028308.html

Quite a lot of covers are being printed: 25,000 according to the Yahoo article.

The covers are being couriered to the main post offices around Malaysia. Good luck in your home state! No worries, there are more than enough with so many printed 🙂

Welcome Mr. President!

Updated 28 April 2014:

The reception to Obama’s Visit on the Pre-Stamped Covers were just as warm this chilly morning. The regulars came as early as 6:00 am to be the first in line. There was a limit of 5 pieces per person. There is the crowd just before opening.


Pos Malaysia certainly showed her caring side again today with a senior citizen’s queue (right of the photo). Due to the limit of 5 covers per person, everyone got a piece of Obama.

Well, the President certainly stamped his mark in Malaysia – even on the cover 🙂

All my special PSEs have been sold.

Next up: Maybe the Local Fruits will be ripe by 26 May 2014. Watch this space.

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Updated 09 May 2014:

You should be receiving your orders from your SODA account anytime now.

There are more tentative new issues that might come out.


ps: The revised Stamp Programme is available but sadly it has been revised again, so I am not planning to post the programme. A new copy will be out soon and maybe I will post that copy.