Updated 26 May 2014: 40 Years of Malaysia – China Diplomatic Relationship

This is another eagerly awaited issue! No there are NO Pandas!

The English title is rather different than the Bahasa Malaysia title. The English title is “Malaysia – China Year of Friendly Exchanges 2014”. I think the Bahasa Malaysia title which translates to “40 Years of Malaysia – China Diplomatic Relationship” is more appropriate.

It will be a Pre-Stamped Envelope (PSE) featuring an image of a “stamp” with Perdana Putra and the Central Hall of the People with a value of RM 1.40 and the cost of the envelope of RM 0.50. So the cost per PSE is RM 1.90.

The envelope’s image is our Prime Minister shaking hands with the President of China. As there are amendments to be finalised, no official image has been released.

Issued date: 31 May 2014. Sale date??? This is because 31 May 2014 is a Saturday and Monday is 02 June 2014 when klia2 stamps and miniature sheet are supposed to be issued!

Updated 26 May 2014:

Here is the poster.


The plan by Pos Malaysia is to release this issue and klia2 on the same day (02 June 2014). Drop by later this week for further news.



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