Updated 28 May 2014: klia2 postponed again!

I meant the stamps not the airport! I guess the klia2 (I noticed it is always written in small font…) stamp issue has been postponed from opening far more times and longer than the actual airport! Must be some technical issue that requires further review.

Finally, I guess ….. Now everyone can Buy!

The latest news has it that this will finally be issued on 02 June 2014 causing a congestion with the Malaysia – China issue arriving on the same day! Malaysia – China issue is a next next day cover as the actual date should be on 31 May 2014.

This has been a norm these few years and the public has not been able to understand the rationale for having a date on Saturday and then issue it on Monday? Perhaps the date of issue can be made earlier such as on Wednesday or just move it to Monday.

Stamp Sales Controllers are having a big logistics question, how to sell 2 issues on the same day???

In addition, there are those buyers who persistently look at watermark, requests for a particular seating (err, sorry, particular position) and ask multiple redundant questions during check-in thus delaying (and annoying) the other collectors. Perhaps, there should be a hassle free check-in for those who knows what they want. This will help reduce the congestion.

The issue is slated to  consist of 4 designs of 80 sen and a miniature sheet of RM 5.00. There is an optional add-on folder for those who want to upgrade the set – I think RM 6.00.

Arrive early or risk a late boarding.

Picture? Soon my friend. Once everything is confirmed. Those who knows have not released the images officially. Meanwhile, mark down your calendar! Mark down this site for your boarding information….in case of changes.

Updated 28 May 2014:

As the stamps mimick real life, klia2’s issue has been postponed yet again to 24 June 2014. 😦

Well, hopefully this time klia2 takes off.



2 thoughts on “Updated 28 May 2014: klia2 postponed again!

  1. Thanks for the updates. Your page have been a more reliable source than even the official Pos Malaysia webpage.

    1. This year has been particularly hard to get any information as the official websites are only updated at the last minute. Most of the information need to be asked directly. That takes up a lot of unproductive time trying to get information to do some planning.

      Thanks for reading.


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