Updated 05 August 2014: Malaysian Folk Tales also renamed Malay Folk Stories

Well, hang on tight. the Malaysian Folk Tales might not be a fable and not materialize next week. The date bandied around is 15 August 2014. Just stay tuned for more.

I am unable to get firm verification at this point.

Meanwhile, time to recharge your wallets.

Updated 01 August 2014:

Still no verification. However the news is that the series will comprise of 3 setenant stamps of 60 sen (i.e. 6 stamps in all) plus a RM 5.00 miniature sheet.

Supposed to have the legend of Hang Tuah….

Updated 05 August 2014:

This issue has been moved to 15 September 2014. The title has been changed to Malay Folk Stories.

Please refer to the latest schedule just posted on this site.

I guess we have more time to recharge our pockets 🙂

Note, as usual it is tentative until confirmed…



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