Updated 17 January 2015: Sale Date of 40 Years of the Reign of KDYMM Sultan of Pahang (29 December 2014)


Today’s queue at the GPO KL was very light. There was not much interest and most of the buyers bought very few sets.

Meanwhile the flood situation is still tragic and reports indicate the East Coast Expressway was cut off at certain stretches. I will be waiting for my Kuantan and Pekan covers but then it will have to wait until the situation improves. There are more pressing matters.

Updated 17 January 2015:

The first batch of covers were snapped up before listing as there were insufficient covers.

20141223 Kuantan 40 Years Sultan Pahang

20141229 Pekan 40 Years Sultan Pahang

Here is the final batch: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/40-Years-Sultan-Pahang-Kuantan-Pekan-pair-First-Day-Cover-FDC-2014-Malaysia-/361187571871?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item541874f89f

Please note that the date on Kuantan is the first day of issue and the date on Pekan is the first date of sale.


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