25 February 2015: Panda

The official title is too long: “International Cooperation Project on Giant Panda Conservation”. Anyway this is another whopping expensive MS issue!

There will be a set of 2 x 70 sen stamps (I still wonder why all the strange values that we can hardly use in the normal mail).

The MS is RM 8.00 using flock paper (this has been used in Hong Kong for a number of years). It will feel like “fur”?

Anyway, keep some money for this set.

Here is the poster (again, thanks to a reader!):

Panda Poster

Updated 01 February 2015:

The concordant cancellation will be Taman Melawati Post Office which is next to Zoo Negara. There are talks about a launch in the zoo, however, most likely any news will be released at the last minute. If there is a special cancellation in Zoo Negara, then a combination of the Zoo Negara and the Taman Melawati will be excellent.



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