The 175th Anniversary of Penny Black Launch in Melaka

I was exhausted last night, so I decided to get a good night’s sleep before filing the news.

The day started early in GPO in Dayabumi. The queue was not particularly long, just the usual hardcore buyers. Once I get the items in hand, it was immediately off to Melaka.

Reached the place just as the launching ceremony was underway. It was already 10:40 am.

Penny Black Launching Ceremony

You can find more picture circulating in social media.

Anyway, first it was to the PSM counter to buy the limited edition PSM covers. There were only 400 envelopes for sale! Some of the envelopes were already bought by those waiting for the miniature sheet’s launch. The usual Mobile Post Office van (Pos Bergerak) was on standby and the BEST thing is they dish out queue numbers! Fantastic!

I was short on miniature sheets having bought a lesser quantity in KL! There was also a postcard for this issue and I need more miniature sheets!

Here is my queue number:

Penny Black queue number

Slightly after 12:00 noon, it was my turn. It was nice as the call out by 10s and then we sort ourselves out by number. Very orderly. Each person can only purchase 10 sets! Better than Melaka 750 issue! Soon the envelopes ran out and PSM envelopes were already out!!! Closed shop by about 01:30 pm.

I had enough time to get the designer’s signature, Mr. KY Lim. Remember his designs from the World Youth Stamp Exhibition issue??

Penny Black Designer KY Lim

Many thanks to Mr. KY Lim for his really tiring work to sign covers all the way until after 02:00 pm!

The ink was watery but dries sufficiently fast. There was the Jalan Laksamana chop (only 1 chop on the table) and the red museum cachet (at least Pos Malaysia provided 2 chops)

At about 3:00 pm, I was off to Melaka GPO to get the GPO cancellation. The Melaka GPO cancellation was watery and dries too slow.

The drive home was horrendous! The jam stretched from Senawang all the way to KL! Took a break in Seremban for dinner with fellow hardcore collectors and specialist.

Finally reached home at slightly after 10:00 pm.

The results:

Pos Malaysia envelope with Pos Bergerak Melaka (very limited)

20150430 Pos Bergerak Laksamana Melaka Penny Black MS

PSM envelope 1 with Pos Bergerak Melaka (Melaka Mobile Post Office) – this was the clear favourite! Envelopes were sold in pairs.

20150430 Pos Bergerak Laksamana Melaka Penny Black MS PSM 1

PSM envelope 2 with Pos Bergerak Melaka (Melaka Mobile Post Office)

20150430 Pos Bergerak Laksamana Melaka Penny Black MS PSM 2

Here is the postcard. Not being a fan of postcards, I made very few.

Penny Black PSM Postcard front and back

PSM will still be there today (01 May 2015). I am not sure if there is anymore cancellation being offered today. The PSM envelopes were all SOLD OUT! No surprises, there were only 400 pieces!

Fair information: More PSM envelopes with the Jalan Laksamana and red cachet will be offered during the stamp fair in June. So if you are the patient person and not too demanding on specialized cancellations, no need to rush to buy.

Here are my spares:




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