Freshly Shucked Pearls

I was not able to update the news of the Pearls issue yesterday. The usual traffic and the long time taken to cancel the stamps. I do want to say that I really love the MS. The pearl “look” special effect is very realistic! I also liked the type of paper used for the stamps. This time it is much easier to tear the stamps properly unlike the past few issues with very flimsy paper! Great improvement and worth the price!

The response was a bit better than usual with some new faces and a few “power” sellers who rarely show their face unless it is a hot item. However the pace was fast. Pos Malaysia really need to do something about the credit card machine in the Philatelic Bureau counter. It is hopeless for as long as I can remember. The front Post Shoppe credit card machine is so much better. The cost of collecting has sky rocketed and credit card is an option that we all would love to have.

After trying to figure out how to stick the nice tabs (which took ages to rotate and realign), I finally figured out something I like. Anyway, it is better to stick everything in the nice comfort of the GPO before heading off to Bangsar!

Bangsar is just as jammed packed with vehicles all over the road. The nearest parking is at Bangsar Village which is pricey for parking. Anyway, better than getting a ticket from DBKL.

The post office was for the better part empty. The ink pad was a soggy dark purplish blue pad. I asked to change to the regular black ink pad which is a bit better but still water based which spells trouble for the miniature sheet. Cancelling was a nightmare as the rubber slips on the miniature sheet. The ink could hardly dry!


The pictorial cancellation is Bangsar Baru. I managed to post a few FDCs to my friend in the USA as he was very keen on the pearl effect. I think he will be delighted.

Next was a drive to the Curve in Mutiara Damansara (Pearl of Damansara). It is an upper suburban mall on the north west fringe just outside of Petaling Jaya. Traffic was moderate as it was a little after lunch time. Most of the lunch crowd would have gone back to office.


All was done by day’s end.

Here is my personal composite FDC with the central tab.

20150729 Bangsar Baru Circular Mutiara Damansara FDC central tab

Here is my regular composite FDC with Bangsar Baru and Mutiara Damansara.

20150729 Bangsar Baru Mutiara Damansara FDC Composite

The tabs were too nice to be discarded and I made a few types:

1. Pearls tab

20150729 Bangsar Baru Mutiara Damansara FDC Pearls tab

2. Pos Malaysia tab

20150729 Bangsar Baru Mutiara Damansara FDC Pos Malaysia tab

3. Jewellery tab

20150729 Bangsar Baru Mutiara Damansara FDC Jewellery tab

Here is the Miniature Sheet on FDC:

20150729 Bangsar Baru Mutiara Damansara FDC MS







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