Updated 21 December 2015: Islands and Beaches Series 3

Based on the Stamp Issue Programme, the next issue is expected to be issued on 17 November 2015. This time the issue will comprise of:

  1. 70 sen x 2 setenant: Tenggol Island (Terengganu) and Tinggi Island (Johor)
  2. 80 sen x 2 setenant: Sembilang Island (Pahang) and Satang Island (Sarawak)
  3. RM 3.00 Miniature Sheet: Mataking Island
  4. Folder

The issue is very well designed with vibrant colour.

The concordant locations will be:

  1. Tenggol Island – Dungun Post Office
  2. Tinggi Island – Mersing Post Office
  3. Sembilang Island – technically Mersing Post Office since Sembilang Island belongs to the Tioman Islands group, however Kuala Rompin Post Office will fit well as the closest point from Pahang
  4. Satang Island – Jalan Astana Mini Office which is a little outside of Kuching on the way to Santubong
  5. Mataking Island – Semporna Post Office

Oh, yes, the image!!! Here it is:

20151117 Islands and Beaches Series 3

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Updated 21 December 2015:

After a journey around Malaysia, the stamps and miniature sheet are matched as close as possible to the islands. Here they are:




2 thoughts on “Updated 21 December 2015: Islands and Beaches Series 3

  1. Can I order the First Day Cover by post? I can issue or bank in the money to Pos Office first, and you send the First Day Cover by post to me or you reserve the First Day Cover for me first, then I go and collect when I’m in Melaka.

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