Four Nations completed

Well, I am one day late in writing this post. It was quite an event with lots of cancellation and trying to figure out what to cancel!

Here is the roll call of the cancellations:

  1. Melaka – just because we are in Melaka
  2. Jalan Laksamana – both the philatelic and circular cancellations as this is the true post office in the area
  3. Dataran Pahlawan – the exhibition cancellation
  4. Exhibition cachet
  5. Indonesia first day of issue
  6. Singapore day 1
  7. Singapore day 2
  8. Singapore day 3
  9. Thailand cachet
  10. KLCC – I just could not resist matching the Malaysia Traditional Attire stamp and envelope with the KLCC image

There you have it, 10 cancellations into one envelope. So here are my covers in 2 versions – full (with all stamps) and light (only Malaysia plus others’ cancellations).

Here is the First Day Cover but I could not resist all the non-first day cancellations and supplementary cancellations at the back.

Full version.



Light version.



The same goes for the exhibition cover.

Full version.


Light version.


Indonesia First Day Cover in pair of Rp 2,500 and Rp 3,000.

20151204 Indonesia Four Nation Stamp Exhibition

Searching for more covers? Try this link.

Here is an interesting news for SODA members. You will receive the MS on FDC as well as a special setenant strip of 4 Traditional Attire stamps on  FDC! Stay tuned!







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