SODA Monkeys are on the Loose!

Finally the SODA edition of the RM 3 MS has been released. Collectors should be able to receive their orders soon.

I managed to get the RM 3 MS affixed with the Taman Alam cachet all the way from Kuala Selangor.


I have 2 spares of the SODA set of 3.

If you want autographed edition either in set of 2 (with out RM 3 MS) or set of 3, I do have spares. I have very few signed sets of 3 and I can only release to my regulars. I know who you are.

Here is the signed set of 2:


Meanwhile, thanks to friends from Sabah….the trains pulled back to the station!!!

Here is a basic set with matching cancellations.



I have tabbed sets as well.

Meanwhile, I will not be providing updates for the Johor Definitive as I have put in a SODA order. The SODA order will have a joined strip of stamps….yes again! It will also feature a Johor Bahru cancellation……hope this goes through!