08 March 2016: A garland of Flowers and Updates to the Stamp Issue Programme 2016

Here is the latest Stamp Issue programme updated today:

Malaysia Stamp Schedule 2016 revised 20160308

There has been considerable changes. Check them up and do not forget to update your calendar.

Here is a quick explanation of what the last 3 columns meant.

1. Date of Issue is the date on the special cancellation.

2. Date of Sale is the actual date the items are on sale.

3. SODA Account Cut-off Date is the date that you must top up your SODA before the issue can be processed.

A Garland of Flowers

Meanwhile, over to the Scented Flowers….it is as expected, a very slow sales day. The last few issues have been draining on the wallet and another issue so close does not help.

The plus point was that the designer made an appearance. Will we be moving towards the Thailand Post method where by they invite their designers to join in? I sincerely hope so.

20160307 Shahrul Izhar Designer autographing.jpg

This is probably the first time that World Communications Network Resources sent their designer over. It is definitely a good move. Mr Shahrul Izhar was patiently signing his work the whole morning. Thank you very much!

Meanwhile, here is a few lines for the flower on the Miniature Sheet – Bunga Cina.

Buai Laju-laju
Sampai Pokok Sena
Apa dalam Baju
Sekuntum Bunga Cina






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