Going to the End of the World for Philately

Would you go to the end of the World all for Philately? While many collectors will go to the end to get their collectible, it is more like a figure of speech until this happened….

On 10 April 2016, Pos Malaysia put up a post box in the Tanjung Piai National Park in the district of Pontian. It is literally the end of the world – the southern most tip of continental Asia to be precise! It is also a Ramsar site. Did you know that Tanjung Piai was named after the Piai Raya fern (Paku Piai Raya)?

A postcard was issued by MCMC for visitors to the park. The postcard has since been fully distributed in less than a week! In addition, a special cachet with the shape of the monument and the Piai fern is provided for mails posted from the postbox near the park monument. The post box has a Lotong Cikong (another Leaf Monkey) on top of a post box.

Here is the postcard with the special cachet. Can you spot the postbox?

20160410 Tanjung Piai Southern Most Post Box

As usual the news came at the last minute thus making the news effectively ineffective. Mainstream news coverage was good, however, it missed the point for collectors. There is a need to distinguish between philatelic news (which should be earlier) and public news (which can come later).


ps: Did you know our neighbor, with a stretched imagination, claimed the southern most tip by virtue of the Causeway link plus a bridge to Sentosa Island ending with a suspension bridge at Palawan beach to a sand pit called Palawan Island?


2 thoughts on “Going to the End of the World for Philately

    • Hi Dr., So far no news of this postcard being provided to SODA. As far as I understood, the postcard was for the Tanjung Piai National Park distribution (and of course the launch guests).

      If there is any news, I will update this news.


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