Updated 26 May 2016: River Transportation in Sarawak

The next issue will be on the River Transportation in Sarawak. This issue is planned to be released on 26 May 2016.  The issue will comprise of:

  1. 70 sen stamp – Longboat / Perahu Panjang
  2. 80 sen stamp – Express Boat / Bot Ekspress
  3. 90 sen stamp – Ferry Boat / Perahu Tambang
  4. RM 3 miniature sheet – Raft / Rakit

Surprisingly the lowest value is now 70 sen….. A sign of things to come?

Here is the image from the poster.

River Transportation in Sarawak

Here are some suggested matching locations:

  1. 70 sen – Baram
  2. 80 sen – Sibu
  3. 90 sen – Kuching
  4. RM 3 – Padawan or Serian

If you have any information on the best matches, feel free to share.

Updated 26 May 2016:

It was still the regulars who turned up today. There was not much of a crowd and thinned out by 11:00 am.

The designer who came this time was Miss Farihana Mat Rosli from World Comm. She was early and patiently autographed everyone’s envelopes, posters, folders and brochures in full with her signature and name!


The bulk of the action is in Sarawak. Perhaps we will heard the news from Sarawak later on.



3 thoughts on “Updated 26 May 2016: River Transportation in Sarawak

  1. Hi.. i have some suggestion for the cancellation

    70sen – got some idea but not the place
    80sen – Pending (the terminal is nearby), sibu/sarikei/kapit – this 3 places uses most of the boat express
    90sen – petra jaya / pejabat pos besar (both are nearby or nearest to waterfront where the ferry service is)

    Please do comment. Thanks

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