Winner of Towards 260,000 views

myfdc crossed the 255,000 views mark and by end of today will be hitting over 256,000 views. The new Malaysian Calligraphy issue was a big boost with slightly over 500 views!

The winner with an impressive 27 marks is CK Tan from Klang. He wins the SM Stamp Catalogue. Thank you for taking part and reading myfdc.

This time the quiz generated a lot of interest but translated into only a single entry! Maybe not many are keen to do some reading preferring to just look at a photo and LIKE rather than the context behind the issue.

Hopefully I can round up more interesting items and quiz for 300,000 views. That will be some time away.

The hardest to answer are:

1. Fake FDCs of the early 2000 are usually detected based on the <type> cancellation.

The fake FDCs can be detected by the inkjet cancellation. Pos Malaysia has not issued any FDC inkjet cancellations. Pos Malaysia did issue differing size of cancellations. These are documented in the section:

2. Where is the first underwater postbox by Pos Malaysia located? Trick question.

The first underwater postbox by Pos Malaysia was actually installed in Pulau Redang but no special cachet. The first underwater postbox installed by a private operator is in Pulau Mataking! They have a private cancellation.


2 thoughts on “Winner of Towards 260,000 views

  1. Thanks for the prize. It took me around 6 hours to answer all the questions. Interesting yet challenging quiz. Appreciate myfdc!!!

    1. Thanks for taking time to join the quiz 🙂 I really appreciate it. Hope you find it worthwhile.
      Items are packed and ready to send out tomorrow.


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