28 June 2016 Noble Value Day: Malaysian Calligraphy

I guess many liked the design. The turn out at the General Post Office, KL was just about double the usual on the opening bell. 32 persons, last I counted. The design is nice and crisp. I think it is a winning design.

As usual, there was a table set up for the designer of the issue, Mr. KY Lim from Reign Associates. There was also a table set up next to Mr Lim for Mr Velu Perumul, the calligrapher of the Tamil text (70 sen stamp).

Only Mr Velu Perumal was able to confirm his attendance. Here are the 3 calligraphers:




I was in a bit of a rush to get my concordancy done. First stop, location 1. In my haste, I forgot to take a photo of the post office! Then it was back to the GPO KL for the autograph session.

My only regret was that only one calligrapher was able to attend the autograph session. Perhaps Pos Malaysia can relook at another day for the collectors to comeback and get the other 2 designers’ autographs?

20160628 KY Lim

Mr Velu Perumal was being interviewed in the later part of the morning.


Note: By noon, the 80 sen stamp (Chinese Calligraphy) was reported to be sold out in various locations. This prompted many to take up stocks in the smaller post offices. In reality, most collectors have enough quantities of what they wanted. It was a sense of getting a sold out item which prompted the sudden uptake. If you are patient, stock returns from various post offices should replenish the store later on.

Back to where we left off, the next stop is location 2. The only way to find out is to guess the photo. Hint: It is NOT in Google Map nor Waze!

20160628 Mystery Location 2

All in all it was a 12 hour plus input in 422 km plus a cracked windscreen due to a flying stone (nope, no lorries in front, just a speeding car churning up the stone). Guess part of the occupational hazard. Still, all well worth the effort.

My thanks to RC for the assistance, especially with postmarking and the endless queues.



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