Updated with image of the poster: 23 August 2016 Seven Wonders of Malaysia’s Flora and Fauna

The next issue is planned to be released on 23 August 2016. This issue will comprise of (prices before GST):

  1. Sheetlet at the price of RM 4
  2. Miniature Sheet of RM 2 x 2 (perforated and imperforated)
  3. Empty folder RM 6
  4. Postcard set RM 7

As usual the images have not been released but this should be soon.

Updated 16 August 2016:

Here is the image of the poster.

This set will comprise of the following flora and fauna:


  1. Lesser Mouse-deer: Kancil (Tragulus kanchil)
  2. Stingless Bee: Lebah Kelulut (Meliponula ferruginea)
  3. Wild Betel: Kaduk (Piper sarmentosum)
  4. Malayan Peacock-pheasant: Merak Pongsu (Polyplectron malacense)
  5. Common Green Frog: Katak Sawah Hijau (Rana erythraea)
  6. Asiatic Softshell Turtle: Labi-labi (Amyda cartilaginea)
  7. Mahseer: Kelah (Tor tambroides)

The sheetlet is too big for the official envelope and the stamps need to be removed. The sheetlet is a peel and stick (sticker type) stamp. Thus if you want to fit in the sheetlet, you might need to bring your own larger envelope.

Miniature Sheet (perforated and imperforated) will feature Giant Panda: Panda Gergasi (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) featuring baby Nuan Nuan and the parents on the side (Xing Xing and Liang Liang).

Notice the use of the QR code on each stamp? Scan the stamp (or even the poster) and you will be directed to additional online information. This is definitely a first in Malaysian philatelic history.

UM CRYSTAL QR information site

The QR code bring you to the Universiti Malaya’s Centre of Research for Computational Sciences and Informatics in Biology, Bioindustry, Environment, Agriculture and Healthcare (CRYSTAL). This explains the UM logo on the miniature sheet and the CRYSTAL logo on the poster.

This issue coincides with the Zoo Negara Giant Panda Nuan Nuan’s birthday celebration on the same day. There will be a launching of the stamps in Zoo Negara.

Zoo Negara Giant Panda Celebration

The best locations will be Universiti Malaya and Taman Melawati.


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