Singapore Four? Nations Stamp Exhibition 2016

The Singapore Four Nations Stamp Exhibition was held in the Quality Hotel Marlow on the 3rd Floor button on the elevator.

The opening ceremony was held a little after 10 am.

However there were enough dealers to help keep us occupied while waiting for the opening and the judges. Here is the dealers’ room and layout. Some of the dealers did not turn up today.

Here is the room.

On the opposite side is the associations’ and exhibition room.

From the left: Singapore Post, Philatelic Society of Malaysia, a really bargain bin of Singapore FDCs and the Association of Singapore Philatelists.

The exhibitions right next to the associations at the Quality Ballroom.

Sadly only Singapore and Malaysia have cancellations.

Singapore as mentioned earlier prepared 4 types of envelopes. There is a daily cancellation and an exhibition cachet.

There is also a set of 5 postcards in a foldable deck.

It would be better if Pos Indonesia and Thailand Post joins in to make it truly 4 nations by associations and postal authorities.

Go check it out tomorrow and Sunday. The exhibition opens from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm on Saturday but closes earlier at 02:00 pm on Sunday.

Happy Hunting!


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