An Insight into the Integrated Parcel Centre

Ever wondered how your package made its way to your recipient when you drop off at a Pos Laju outlet?

Pos Malaysia hosted an inside look at the Pos Laju Integrated Parcel Centre (IPC) at the National Mail Centre in Shah Alam, Selangor on 08 December 2016. Organised by the Media Relations Unit and the Pos Laju IPC, the visit started with an introduction by Mr Devonshire Anak Sikem, Assistant VP Media Relations Unit.


Tuan Syed Zulnurin Syed Loed, the Head of Operations of IPC then explained the process in the IPC.


The IPC was fully operational from June 2015. The centre operates the automated parcel sortation system from LG CNS with an average 100,000 items handled per day. It peaks at 160,000 items per day during festive season. This integrated sorting system handles all the parcels in the Klang Valley.

The centre operates from 02:00 pm to 02:00 am. As the system is automated and with a fast turn around time of an hour to process a parcel, thus the cut off time for some Pos Laju outlets can be extended until late in the evening and still able to meet the Next Day delivery service standard.

There are 2 sorters:

1. Small sorter that handles parcels smaller than 2 kg with certain dimensions. Throughput of 5,500 parcels per hour.

2. Large sorter that handles up to 35 kg again with dimension restrictions. Throughput of 10,000 parcels per hour.

Come, let us take a look at the flow.

1. It all starts at the acceptance area. All the parcels will arrive at the blue acceptance zone.


Here the parcels are loaded into the conveyor system.


Let’s follow the large sorter.


Each item is scanned before the item is sorted. Here Tuan Syed Zulnurin continues to explain the processes at each station.


The parcels are then automatically conveyed to the correct sorting chute.


Did you see your parcel? Did you know you can follow your parcel each step of the way? Here is the site:

When the parcel arrives at the correct chute, the parcel will slide down. At each chute, the area of delivery is stated along with the service standard.


The items are bagged.


These are now ready to be sent to the green delivery zone.


Here is a magnificent panoramic view of the IPC.


Did you know the international parcels are processed in the Pos Malaysia International Hub in KLIA? Similarly for parcels to Sabah and Sarawak. Pos Malaysia handles mail with their own aircraft. During peak season, some parcels are carried by other commercial carriers.

In the next 2 years, another 3 high speed sorting centres will be set up. The first will be a new IPC still in the National Mail Centre. The other 2 are in the north and south bringing the total national capacity to over 1 to 1.5 million items per day! The current national capacity is 250,000 to 300,000 items per day. The expected increase is due to the increasing e-commerce trade. Pos Laju fits well into the last mile delivery in e-commerce.

The next time you drop your parcel at an outlet, I guess you will have a pretty good idea how your parcel is being handled.

I would like to record my appreciation to Pos Malaysia for sharing the insider view of the workings of the IPC!

Hmmm, Mail Processing Centre next?




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