06 January 2016: Media Preview of the Malaysian Serama (Lunar Year of the Rooster)

Today is the long awaited release of the information on the Malaysian Serama (Gallus gallus domesticus). This issue is part of the Lunar New Year series of Malaysia. This year is the Year of the Rooster.

Here is the poster:


Here are the products.

The miniature sheet design was drawn by Dr Wong Kum Peng from the 2016 Malaysian Calligraphy stamp issue.

Kelab Serama Selangor & Kuala Lumpur will be attending to showcase the actual Seramas on the day of issue.

The quantities for this issue are:

  1. Stamps: 150,000 pieces for each value
  2. RM 3 MS: 40,000 pieces
  3. RM 8 MS: 40,000 pieces
  4. Folders: 2,000 pieces

Updated 09 January 2016:

A Special Setemku (personalised stamp) sheetlet will be on sale on 10 January – 10 February 2017 in the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau.



3 thoughts on “06 January 2016: Media Preview of the Malaysian Serama (Lunar Year of the Rooster)

  1. Hi, i found this news from paper, they ask me to pre book if intereted, how could i make booking and collection for Lunar year of rooster?

    Thank you.
    Mr. Hoo

    1. Hi Mr Hoo,

      It is actuallu too late. The cut-off date for the Standing Order Deposit Account was on 02 January 2017. Please refer to the latest blog post on the Malaysia Stamp Schedule with the cut-off dates.

      Your option is to queue early at the nearest Philatelic Bureau branch.

      All normal post offices will only sell stamps and very limited Miniature Sheets and envelopes. No folders will be sold in normal post offices.

      As this issue is speculative, the dealers and scalpers will send their “agents” as early as 07:00 am or earlier.


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