Chicken Run

The Malaysian Serama issue was widely covered by the local press, radio and tv. It was little surprise that the queue today started even before 06:00 am. There even a China national in the queue. Malaysian queues are a cinch – our stamps are still not an overday queue.

The queue built up by the time the Philatelic Bureau doors were opened at about 08:10 am. This a kind gesture to allow queue numbers to be handed out and allow for a more comfortable wait inside the sales area.

The scene was pretty much the same – crowded – until noon. Thankfully this time, no limits were imposed and there were adequate stocks.

However the empty folders were sold out at about 10:00 am. Dr Wong Kum Peng’s painting and calligraphy of the Serama is very attractive especially with the folder size.


The designer from Reign Associates, Mr KY Lim came early at about 10:00 am. Mr KY Lim introduced his personal red seal which matches very well with this issue. He was busy autographing a stream of customers all the way to noon. He was very obliging to the collectors.


Kelab Serama Selangor & Kuala Lumpur were invited to showcase the prized Seramas. The Seramas arrived after 10:30 am. The club members were on hand to show the young Serama all the way to the adult birds. The actual bird is fascinating in terms of shape, colour and temperament. Many took the chance to photograph the birds as each is let out from their cage to strut on the table.


The situation throughout the country were similar, with brisk sales recorded. Many Philatelic Bureau branches were sold out. This is a good start for the Philatelic Bureau for 2017.

How was your day hunting chickens?

Here is my catch (can you spot MR KY Lim’s seal?):


Meanwhile, my chicken has run back home (balik kampong)!

Anyone for Kenny’s roasters? Most concordant for the Year of the Fire Rooster!



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