Orchid Hunting

The frequent and close issue dates have finally impacted my ability to keep up with the update of the philatelic news. Between my day job and my hobby, I have to balance my time. In order to maintain a factual record of philately, a bit late is better than none. So here is a summary of 21 February 2017.

The new national definitive issue featuring orchids has been long overdue and postponed. The first whiff of the new definitive was in 2012 when the stamp schedule included the State New Definitive. However, this dropped out from the schedule. In 2013, the stamp schedule included the national definitive with the description Orchids.

The design is attractive especially the philatelic sheetlets. The miniature sheet is a bit pricey at RM 7.00 (before GST).


The iridescent ink “Pos Malaysia” has a nice effect when viewed at an angle. However the sheetlets tend to stick together causing loss of ink when the sheetlets are separated. I had to sieve through the sheetlets at the counter.

There was not much of a crowd. The queue was largely over by 10:00 am.


The designer, Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates came very early to start the autograph session.


This series is truly national as the orchids featured are from across Malaysia.

The 60 sen orchid is predominantly found in Kelantan, Kedah and Perak. 70 sen was discovered in Mount Kinabalu. 90 sen is Normah Orchid (homework for you) and RM 1.10 with the local name of Kinta Orchid (Kinta Weed since it was so abundant in the past). In addition, Shah Alam would be a great cancellation as it is the Orchid City of Malaysia. Thus my adventure do take me to Shah Alam.


The blank envelopes were sold out in Shah Alam General Post Office as early as 09:15 am. The stocks of blank envelopes were also low in Ipoh where I met fellow collectors busy sticking and posting FDCs to overseas collectors. The higher demand for the blank envelopes is to prepare for the future issue of the counter full sheets of 100s. This has not been announced and the collectors will need to set up a message exchange process to notify each other of the first appearance of the regular sheets.


Here is a post office in the fringe of the jungle up North where one of the orchids in the series can be found. Happy searching!


As at the time of writing, the regular counter sheets of 100s have not been issued.







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