Stamping a Mark with Teachers

Today (17 April 2017), Pos Malaysia issued 3 special Setemku (personalised stamp) sheetlets to celebrate the upcoming Teacher’s Day on 16 May 2017. Here is the promotional poster along with the ordering details.

Each type of sheetlet retails for RM 10.60 including 6 % GST. The Setemku will be available from today (17 April 2017) until 16 June 2017. The ordering details are included in the promotional poster.

The sheetlets can also be bought at the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau Headquarters.

This is the first in an upcoming series on Greetings Setemku (Setemku Ucapan).



4 thoughts on “Stamping a Mark with Teachers

  1. Hi Sky,
    Great job on the website! Anyway, on this Setem Ku, how I can make the sheetlet special since there’s no special post marked for them. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

    1. Thanks for reading. It is always heartwarning to get a response.

      Since Setem Ku is issued earlier than the event date, here are some options:

      1. Cancel on the day of issue but this can only be done by those staying around KL as the Setem Ku can only be bought in the Philatelic Bureau HQ on the first day of issue. The online channel will be delivered later than first day. Normal cancellations will do unless the topic matches the name of a place.

      2. Cancel on date of event e.g. on Teacher’s Day. There are post offices open on Weekends.

      Both cases you can either print your own envelope or use the Pos Malaysia Setem Ku envelope.

      You can also tear out the sheetlet if you do not want to paste the whole sheetlet but this will loose the overall design.

      This is a new area of collecting and I guess anything will be pioneering and only time will tell.



      1. Sky,

        Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions. As I’m not staying in KL, will have to stamp it on the festival day itself. Have a great day and keep up the great website!

        Kok Yuen

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