Upcoming issue: 100th Anniversary of the Oil Palm Industry

The Malaysian palm oil industry turns 100 this year. The next issue will commemorate this event. The issue is expected to be released on 18 May 2017. The issue will comprise of 60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1.00 stamps, RM 3.00 Miniature Sheet and the RM 6.00 empty Folder (all prices before GST). Images will be loaded once it is officially released.

The start of the commercial planting of oil palm was in 1917 at the Tennamaram (Tanah Maran) Estate in Batang Berjuntai (now known as Bestari Jaya), Selangor. This was carried out by a French planter, Henri Fauconnier, who wrote the novel Malaisie (French name for Malaysia) which won the Prix Goncourt award in 1930. Sime Darby Bhd now owns the plantation.

Of particular interest is that there is expected to be an official launch of the centennial celebrations by the Honourable Prime Minister at the Tennamaram Estate. Thus far there is no news about stamp launch or special postmarks at the event. However, as usual, this is subjected to changes. For further details of the history of the Oil Palm and the planned event: http://www.mpoc.org.my/A_Centennial_Celebration_for_Malaysian_Palm_Oil_Industry_.aspx