Media Preview of the 50 Years of ASEAN (National Flowers / ASEAN Post)

In today’s media preview, the ASEAN 50th Anniversary products were unveiled.

This time the product range is simpler:

  1. Single 60 sen stamp: 125,000 pieces
  2. Miniature Sheet of RM 3: 25,000 pieces
  3. Empty Folder at RM 6.00: 1,800 pieces
  4. Empty envelopes at 50 sen: 32,000 pieces
  5. Maximum cards of RM 1 each (two designs): 2,500 pieces of each design

This is the first time that the ASEAN Post logo is used. The logo was a design won by Vietnam Post. Going forward, there is a plan to issue ASEAN Post stamps once every two years with a specific theme.

All the above items will be on sale on 08 August 2017. The designer is from Hazel Design and has been invited to come on the day of issue at the Philatelic Bureau Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

There will also be a stamp pack of all the 7 countries that has confirmed the stamp issue. This pack will be on sale in the future. From the past experience, Pos Malaysia usually sends out a special order form to Standing Order Deposit Account holders and the balance is sold over the counter.

For the initial information, check out:


Stay tuned for what is coming up from Pos Malaysia in Bandung 2017 happening from 03 – 07 August 2017!

Updated 08 August 2017: Laos joined the stamp issue last week when they released the single stamp, Miniature Sheet and the Imperforate Miniature Sheet. However, the Laos FDC is only sold from today.

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