Next Issue: 19 August (Date of Sale 21 August) 2017 SEA Games 2017

The next issue will be the SEA Games 2017. SEA Games 2017 is actually the 29th Southeast Asian Games (19 – 30 August 2017) and the 9th ASEAN Para Games (17 – 23 September 2017). The main venue is the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

The issue date corresponds to the start of the games on 19 August 2017. However, the stamps will only be sold on 21 August 2017. No further details is available at the moment. There are preview banners being put up and from the information from the SODA statements and banner, the next issue will be quite basic:

  1. There are 4 different stamps with a face value of 60 sen each.
  2. An empty folder of RM 6.00.

All prices before GST.

This will be lighter for the pocket. Hopefully there will not be too many special items released along the games as what happened during the last Commonwealth Games.

There are many who hope for a special booth in the SEA Games venue. There has not been any information on this. Keep an ear out.


2 thoughts on “Next Issue: 19 August (Date of Sale 21 August) 2017 SEA Games 2017

  1. I wonder whether all 4 stamp designs are incorporated into single setenant sheet, or separated each other. This will determine how hard the wallet can be hurt for someone who focused more on getting stamp sheet, as a priority.

    1. Hi, It will be 4 separate sheets. Do not forget that SODA will use a setenant sheet which might be released in the future. It will be heavy on the wallet if you collect full sheets.


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