Palindrome Date is back! 07.10.17

Finally this year’s palindrome date is back! This time it is on Saturday 07.10.17 (or 07.10.2017). A Palindrome date is a date which read the same from the front and from the back. Try reading 71017 and 7102017! It occurs once a year.

There are also Minor Palindrome dates on 07.1.17 (7117), 07.11.17 (71117) and 07.12.17 (71217). They are known as “Minor” as the actual date is 07.01.2017, 07.11.2017 and 07.12.2017 thus it is just a coincidental match if the postmark is the short version.

Some collect postmarks of special dates (e.g. 8.8.88). Thus this will be of interest to postmark collectors. Any letter with a stamp and a postmark is good enough for a collection.

Good luck!