#YUHUA100 Ordering Site (Yu Hua School Kajang Centenary) 2018

The Yu Hua School Centenary First Day Covers is now open for ordering online at: http://store.yuhua100.com.my/

Do not be taken off by the Mandarin text. Click “Create Account” and the creation process is in English.

Then click to order the item (click the photo of the item). Select the quantity and click the cart. The rest up to payment is in English.

There is an option for self collection or shipping to your address.

Each package consists of:

  1. First Day Cover
  2. Postcards
  3. Stamps of 50 sen, 60 sen and 80 sen
  4. Miniature Sheet (value not indicated)

The item is at: http://store.yuhua100.com.my/products/百年校庆首日封-first-day-cover

Those with further information, feel free to share here.

Note: The official First Day Cover will be sold by Pos Malaysia on 05 March 2018 (the anniversary date is 03 March 2018 which is a Saturday).




2 thoughts on “#YUHUA100 Ordering Site (Yu Hua School Kajang Centenary) 2018

  1. Hmm…RM120 for FDC, postcards, stamp and MS sound a bit expensive. What is the different if we were to buy now as compared to purchasing from Pos Malaysia later on 5th Mar?

    1. Hi Peter,

      I guess it is best to call up the school organising committee and find out what is the difference. The “Contact Us” link is down at the bottom of the ordering site.

      The site is in Chinese text and that is not easy for an international audience to read.


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