Towards Half a Million Views!


myfdc will be hitting the half a million viewers milestone! It seems to be such a far away milestone for something as mundane as stamp collection confined to a scope of Malaysia to ever to be reached. Let’s face it, stamp collecting blogs are by far not the highest viral site in the world. Sensational news, porn and cats tops the hits.

Thus, it is with great anticipation that myfdc will hit 500,000 views sometime in the middle of April or sooner. All thanks to the readers, visitors and the spammers. When myfdc started out, in 2012 it was hardly 5 views a day. In the first full year in 2013, there were about 39,000 views. Today the average view per year breached 145,000. All these thanks to your support.

myfdc is a self funded website that focus on Malaysia First Day Covers and of course stamps and Miniature Sheets (MS). myfdc consists of various contributors to ensure the news can be obtained in an orderly manner. In order to ensure accuracy, the facts are checked first. This may cause a delay in the news BUT you will not get “fake news” 🙂

A Facebook site was also set up on 12 April 2015 to provide quick information when it is not possible for me to sit and type out a proper article. You can access via this link:

The FB site has over 780 Followers compared to the website with slightly over 350 Followers.

myfdc has also help out the next generation who no longer wanted to collect FDCs by outplacing or buying up the family collection. myfdc offers a fair market price – very much higher than dealer prices – as I will also need to pay market price if I am to acquire in the open market.

Financing of myfdc comes from the sale of my surplus. My main areas of interest are concordant cancellations, first flight, commemorative covers and special postmarks. Mint stamps and MS are incidental to my collection as I usually paste these to make covers.

Concordancy has been in existence since covers started. It was initially ad-hoc. Someone thought of a matching postmark and thus concordancy was “born”. It gained considerable momentum back in the 1960s only to see it wane and return in the 1990s. This again waned and returned after the 2010s. How long will this concordant cycle last?

Perhaps the continuity of concordancy is the availability of early information for planning, a supportive Pos Malaysia and a wider network of cooperative concordanists.

May I take this chance to record my appreciation to the many stamp association contacts, collectors both young and young at heart and Pos Malaysia’s media team for the support to ensure timely news can be delivered.

Now for a bit of fun. I would like to run another round of excitement. How does it sound to be the 500,000th viewer?

This is how it works in case this is the first time you are participating.

1. Scroll  and look at the right side to check which viewer you are.

2. If you are the 500,000th viewer, take a screenshot and email to me at

3. If you are viewer 499,000 or 501,000, take a screenshot. You will also be given a prize.

3. I will send you a gift. You will not regret it.

If you are an existing overseas reader or customer, I will send you for free.

Simple…. I hope…..

By the way, I will be running sales on FB and eBay as well as a few other activities as soon as I can figure out what to do. A quiz will be coming up as well. Meanwhile, feel free to send me ideas 🙂

Here is how you can also be contributing, send your suggestions for news, make concordant covers, send news and events in your area (only for non-commercial activities of stamp associations, school stamp clubs, etc.), provide updates in your area during issue day, etc.

Thank you very much for your support, comments and ideas!

Hope to see you at a million views!



5 thoughts on “Towards Half a Million Views!

  1. Congratulations!! You have earned it.
    Always with good info and interesting curiosities and all these beautiful FDCs and cancellations you show us. Now a little at the back but I keep following you. Your blog is my main info source for Malaysian stamps and FDCs so when I have some time I come here for some info.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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