Next Issue: 24 April 2018 Malaysian Citrus

The next issue is planned to be released on 24 April 2018 with the theme of Malaysian Citrus. The issue will comprise of:

1. 3 types of 60 sen stamps featuring:

(a) Calamondin (Limau Kasturi) (Citrus microcarpa), it is also called Calamansi / Kalamansi

(b) Kaffir Lime (Limau Purut) (Citrus hystrix)

(c) Key Lime (Limau Nipis) (Citrus x aurantiifolia a citrus hybrid of Citrus micrantha x Citrus medica

2. RM 6.00 Miniature Sheet featuring the Pomelo (Limau Bali) (Citrus maxima / Citrus grandis) with a die-cut of the pomelo and gloss varnish

3. RM 6.00 empty folder

4. 50 sen empty envelope

The design is MR KY Lim from Reign Associates.

In Malaysia, pomelos are largely grown in Tambun and Ampang in Perak. There are 2 possible matching locations:

(1) Pejabat Pos Mini Taman Cempaka which is the nearest to Tambun since the Pejabat Pos Mini Tambun is closed.

(2) Pejabat Pos Kampung Rapat is nearest to the famous Hentian Limau Tambun stalls.

Thus the MS FDC will be nicely tied with a pictorial Ipoh chop and a CDS either in Kampung Rapat or Taman Cempaka.

(3) Those in the Klang Valley can also do a pseudo-concordancy with AMPANG to mimick the Ampang in Perak!

The 3 stamps will be nicely tied with Merlimau even if there is no “limau” in Merlimau!

Other than citrus, I guess you now know there is an Ampang in Perak!

Updated 20 April 2018:

Today is the media preview for the Malaysian Citrus stamp issue.

The following are the quantities for the Malaysian Citrus:

  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Empty Folder: 1,800 pieces
  4. Empty Envelope: 28,000 pieces

The MS is rather small, thus a combo FDC can be easily made.



8 thoughts on “Next Issue: 24 April 2018 Malaysian Citrus

  1. I also bought the traditional musical instrument – mint stamps, miniature sheet and FDC on issue/sale day. It was better than I expected. I love it!

      1. Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) is a common method by Philatelic Bureaus worldwide to take a standing order from their customer using a predeposit (e.g. 1 set of mint stamps for every issue with a minimum deposit of $XX).

        Some territories such as Hong Kong Post allows the customer to put variable standing order for the whole year (e.g. issue no. 3 you want 10 sets but issue no. 6 you only want 1 set). Whilst others such as New Zealand Post allows an online account that you use each time you want to order.

        Pos Malaysia only has the standing order type. However, customers can change their requirement BEFORE the cut-off data stated the the Stamp Schedule.

        Hope the above explanation helps.


  2. I am interested in buying Malaysian new issues of stamps, FDC’s and minature sheets. How to go about please let me know.I am from India
    Ronald Pinto

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