Updates on 2018 Federal Territory Garden Flowers with Micro text printing Definitive and National Orchids Definitive

Well, the next issue will be a set of 14 MS in both perforated and imperforated format. Some images have leaked on the internet but let’s wait for the final images. After all, it is just a few weeks to go.

Meanwhile, here is a quick update on the 2018 definitive stamps:

1. The Garden Flowers Series Definitive for Federal Territory with micro text printing.

The following values have been released: 20 sen, 30 sen, 40 sen and 50 sen. They have 2018/1 printed on the top right corner margin.

I believe the Federal Territory Garden Flowers will overlap with the upcoming State Orchids Definitive. How many printings will the micro text printing last? Perhaps it is a good idea to get them now.

2. The Orchids National Series Definitive in sheets of 100s.

The following values have been released: 60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1.00. They have 2018/1 printed on the top right corner margin.

60 sen and 80 sen has reached 2018/2.

Will more denominations come out by year end?

ps: My spares are available for sale.



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