6th Anniversary Clearance: DEAL 1

I am clearing more old FDCs.

If you are keen they are listed in this album: https://m.facebook.com/malaysiafdc/albums/821911351473418/?ref=bookmarks


I have indicated the start of an offer price which is way better than catalogue or open market prices.

  1. Indicate your best offer with an increment of Ringgit 1.00.
  2. I will review the highest offer after 10:00 am (Kuala Lumpur time) on 25 December 2018.
  3. As this is “give your best offer” it is not a bid an there is no strict end time. I review when I am free.
  4. Flat rate registered mail in Malaysia RM 3.50.

Here are the terms for overseas offers:

  1. All payment via PayPal at 10% above the accepted offer price (plus registered mail).
  2. If you can pay directly into Maybank, there is no surcharge.
  3. Registered mail will be advised. An indication is: USD 5.00 for about 3 FDCs.

Condition of FDC as per picture.

Payment within 3 days or the item goes to the next highest offer.

Thank you for the support.

Keep a look out for an upcoming DEAL 2 on eBay…. you will not regret reading myfdc.

Thank you for the support!



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