2019 Orchid Definitives

As reported earlier, the 60 sen Orchid Definitive has reached 2019/1 last month.

Subsequently 80 sen with 2019/1 has also been seen.

An unexpected release was the 90 sen with 2018/1 imprint today!

Here is the image:

The question is…. will we see RM 1.10 being released in sheets of 100?

Keep a look out!



2 thoughts on “2019 Orchid Definitives

  1. Does it mean the international definitive will be discontinued? since now there is no GST difference for domestic and international mailing stamps.

    1. There has not been any annoucements to that effect. The stocks are still available and I think once these are exhausted, we will know if any are printed. Perhaps the high values (above RM 2) might still be used.


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