Your Thoughts and Feedback on Price List of Concordant FDCs and Normal FDCs

I would like to get your thoughts on feedback on publishing (FREE and Online) the price list of Malaysia First Day Cover covering both Concordant and normal cancellations.

As you know, myfdc is tailored to concordant FDCs, i.e. First Day Covers with cancellations matching the theme or name. The other common FDCs are non-concordant.

Here is the overall idea:

  1. It will be FREE!
  2. It is an online list of FDCs issued by Pos Malaysia.
  3. It will cover only official envelopes issued by the postal authority. At this moment, the private covers are very subjective to attach a price. Maybe someday.
  4. Information includes: Date – Title – Reasonable Market Price for *Full Concordant – **Limited Concordant – ***Normal
  5. Market Price will be based on a good condition – minimal toning – no tears – unaddressed (those after 1980)
  6. Updates will be provided as and when I am free to do so.
  7. The scope will NOT cover mint stamps, MS, special sheets, postal stationery, presentation packs and folders.

*Full concordant is that all the stamps and MS are concordantly cancelled. It could be in more than 1 envelope.

**Limited Concordant is the cancellation matches one of the stamps / MS.

***Normal – Non-concordant – any cancellation on the FDC.

This will enable a quick access to check online in your mobile phone at any time.

Timeframe: Whenever I am free, I will type out a year.

I will not be able to take photos of the non-concordant covers as these are not what I collect, nor are they worth the time. They are pretty common.

Use of the price will be at your own responsibility whether you are a buyer or seller. The actual condition and clarity of the postmark is a major factor.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?



3 thoughts on “Your Thoughts and Feedback on Price List of Concordant FDCs and Normal FDCs

  1. For better understanding of Newbies, would be enlightening if you could show just a sample image each of a Full, Limited and Normal Concordant FDC respectively. Thank you.

    1. Please refer to each year for the Full Concordant. It is the cancellation that matters in corcordancy. The official envelopes are ALL the same. Thus focus on the cancellation (chop).

      Example: Installation of the Sultan of Terengganu, the best match is where the place is located, i.e. in Kuala Terengganu.

      The next best are any location in Terengganu (Limited Concordant). I.e. not so matching.

      Anything else is irrelevant to a concordant collector, thus if the cancellation is Penang, it has nothing to do with Terengganu, thus it is a normal FDC.

      In some cases, the concordant FDC is very common. E.g. KL. Thus KL concordant FDCs are normally priced at normal FDC prices.

      Please read all the website before using. We focus on concordancy and NOT for the normal collectors.


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